Let me take a wiiiild guess, you probably got on hormonal birth control allured by the promises of less cramps and acne with your PMS being *magically* gone.

BUT THEN, you got more than you bargained for like- lowered metabolism and thyroid health, fatigue thanks to lack of key nutrients BC depletes, and gut health changes that have you raising an eyebrow.

I get it, because I was YOU.

If you have ever thought about getting off of hormonal birth control and how it's impacting how you feel in your body, but you are worried about what’s going to happen-

THIS is the program for you.

Together we do the scary thing, rip the bandaid off, and get you off of hormone birth control.

The goal- minimize symptoms as your natural hormone cycles come back online and teach you how to rebuild a relationship with your hormonal cycles as a woman (whatever your goal is- optimal fertility OR pregnancy prevention).

If you’ve *ever* thought about coming off of birth control, but it scares the BEJESUS out of you- this is where we do it together. Step-by-step, I’m going to teach you how.

Join Us Live Starting February 21st

I'm *6 years* on the other side of this decision, a decision that completely changed the trajectory of my life, my career, my confidence, and even my relationships. 

Bold statement, I know. . . 

This choice is something I've coached dozens of 1:1 clients through at this point, and fun fact, it's even my most requested interview topic when people invite me to talk on their podcasts. 

After 13 ish years of hormonal birth control, I started to see all the *little* red flags my body was giving me. I felt like a balloon animal version of myself, my gut health was a WRECK, and energy was running on E- it was such a deep hole it was impacting my confidence and mood in a major way.

When I started digging into the pill and how it could be impacting my body I was SHOOK.

NO ONE, I mean no one, had ever shared even a fraction of these negative impacts on the 13ish years I was on the pill. 

I felt a little betrayed TBH. But admittedly, I didn’t read the fine print of the giant leaflet that came with my prescription. And when I first went on it, I was just a teenager with bad acne who wanted clear skin at any cost. 

After 6 months off of the pill, with really *intentional* holistic support, including changes in food, lifestyle practices, and targeted supplementation- my body was totally different. 

This might seem like a purely physical transformation, or tied to weight loss somehow, but it was so SO much more. I had my full range of emotions back, more energy. You can quite *literally* see the light had returned to my eyes. The glow-up was reallllll.

I was able to re-establish great gut health, improve cortisol levels, and replete key vitamins/minerals/antioxidants. It was the first, and most impactful, step on my personal holistic health and healing journey. 

Changes in my body composition were a side effect of this work, a secondary gain.

But the real magic was FEELING better, feeling more like ME.

Those *little* red flags that hormonal contraceptives cause-

Missing or irregular periods

Light or heavy periods 




Adrenal dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction

Hair loss

Dry skin

Depression & anxiety

Low libido

Vaginal dryness

Chronic infection (like yeast infections)

Pain with sex

Vitamin/mineral/antioxidant depletion

Increased risk of cervical, breast, & liver cancer

Increased risk of diabetes 

Increased risk of blood clots, heart attack & stroke

Can trigger autoimmune disease

Alters the gut microbiome & gut lining

Increases inflammation

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Logistics you need to know:

The program will run LIVE from February 21st to the 28th with lifetime replay access, so you can watch whenever is best for you and your schedule.

As more details are revealed and I invest more time, love, and energy into the program creation process- the program (and bundle) pricing will increase. The final program price will be $499.

Click below for details on the special program bundle that includes March's program Feminine Flow if you are ready to go all in on your natural queen-era.

The post-birth control glow up-

With the *right* support, this transition from hormonal birth control to natural hormonal rhythm can be EPIC. Here's what you'll learn to get this transformation for yourself:

  • How to prep the body beforehand
  • Troubleshooting symptoms & changes in the body
  • Detoxing out the synthetic hormones
  • How to avoid Post-Birth Control Syndrome
  • Using the Fertility Awareness Method & other non-hormonal pregnancy prevention
  • Fertility boosting strategies to optimize conception

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