This is a calling for the women who are the seers, the dreamers, the self-healers

The leaders, the doers, the shake things up and not afraid to burn it all down to be reborn women

The time has come to embrace your FEMININE FLOW

You know in your heart the "norm," the Groundhog Day blueprint, isn't it. Something is *off* – something just doesn't sit right in your gut. The culture is sick, and society at large has blinders on, refusing to see the holistic truth underneath it all.

You see beyond the mirage of the Western health system – lacking TRUE health or healing anywhere in sight.

You are ready to take control of your journey – to take radical responsibility for your own wellness, health, and healing.

As we each heal, we become a beacon of change within our families and our communities, creating a ripple effect around the world.

This is an invitation to elevate your story, to become that inspirational beacon of light – for yourself and those in your life.

The way forward has to be deep change, DEEP healing at the root of the stories that no longer serve us

This is about taking your power back and empowering those around you

This is the origin story of FEMININE FLOW

The stories of the past, passed down to us from generation to generation are deeply embedded in the way our world functions, impacting our day-to-day lives. These stories have caused us to bypass our intuition, our inner voice. Believing these narratives has made us sick. We no longer need to subscribe to these old patterns – we can rewire our ability to heal ourselves.

We need TRUE ROOT CAUSE holistic healing – and we can courageously dive into the deep spiritual work that is required of us.

We can amplify the effects of cycle syncing, functional nutrition, and holistic practices on a strong foundation grounded in truth.

It is time we step up as women to answer the call, explore within, meet our shadows, embrace our inner child, and become the creators of our own stories.

FEMININE FLOW is a portal for transformation and all-encompassing support of the feminine.

This course is closed for enrollment.

This moon-synced transformation of full mind, body & spirit begins on the Full Pink Moon

Our opening session on Tuesday, April 23rd is a guided breathwork journey focused on release, the death of old stories, and making space for what's to come as we step through this portal of transformation together.

This 4-week experience is a blend of live sessions hosted on Zoom, pre-recorded teachings, holistic resource guides for each cycle phase, and group chat support to dive deeper together outside of calls.

Journaling, breathwork, meditation, and other embodiment practices will be anchoring sovereign tools for this journey and life outside of our time together.

TRUE transformation comes from *diving into the depths* beyond the surface of systemic programming – acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a living embodiment of this work.

Alongside of the spiritual work, we will journey through the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle – your inner seasons – for you to learn:

HORMONE SHIFTS What’s happening on a biochemical level in the body to create change

BODY RESPONSE Changes in the physical body including energy levels and sex drive (and what you can do to support them)

NUTRITION Supportive foods, herbs, supplements, and cooking methods during each phase

MOVEMENT Suggested movement practices based on your energy levels and hormonal shifts

SELF-CARE Lifestyle practices and holistic self-care ideas

SUPERPOWERS Your strengths in each season of your cycle

Each phase of the cycle will have its own pre-recorded video drop and accompanying resource module.

Together, we will build a new way of relating to yourself, your body, and your monthly cycle

This space will be deep and potent – a portal of transformation back to what you know in every cell of your being to be true

YOU are a scared woman and our world needs your magic now more than ever

This course is closed for enrollment.

Logistics you need to know:

  • The program will run LIVE for 4 weeks from April 23rd to May 23rd with lifetime replay access. You can watch whenever is best for you and your schedule, and revisit specific teaching as needed.

  • There will be 8 sessions in total, including 4 live sessions on Zoom together each Tuesday and 4 pre-recorded sessions released on Thursdays.

  • Each Friday, an additional module drops packed with resources for each phase of your cycle (think additional reading and resources to tap into, astrology and spiritual connections during each phase, playlists to curate the vibe, etc.).

  • You will also get group chat access via Telegram for a deeper level of support while the program is live. Telegram is a chat app for us to text and voice text during our month together.

  • The 1:1 elevated upgrade options are only available while you are inside the program.

Hi, I'm Brooke

I’m a Registered Dietitian, Holistic Health Mentor, Podcaster, Speaker, Educator, Breathwork Facilitator, Non-toxic Living Expert, Dog Mom, and Human Design Projector (aka a natural intuitive, seer, and guide).

I broke free from the narrow-minded conventional Western medical model I was trained in as a Registered Dietitian, to start finding how to heal MYSELF. I learned so much along the way that blew my mind, I *totally* transformed my private practice to start bringing holistic health and healing solutions to empower clients on their own journeys.

I am here to help you create your holistically aligned life and restore balance to your nutrition, nervous system, holistic health practices, and self-care rituals, so you can enjoy *all* this beautiful life has to offer.

This course is closed for enrollment.