If I had a dollar for everytime someone said, “can you send me recipes?” I would have a million dollar finca in the rainforest already. 

LOOK, I *hate* creating recipes and shifting through recipes to share online. Seriously – I know it’s a strong word, but it is what it is. 

SO I had a stroke of genius one night as I was complaining, standing in my kitchen cooking a meal with a friend. . . 

A masterclass that teaches YOU how to cook on the fly, whipping up healthy choices in a flash!

It easy and super basic once you know what you are doing, and I’m going to teach you how. 

In IMPROV KITCHEN you’ll learn:
  • My foolproof method for assembling a balanced meal
  • Quick 'how to' guide on prepping *literally* any vegetable to be delicious 
  • How to screen recipes to decide if it’s a balanced choice or needs some tweaking

THE GOAL: build confident kitchen skills so you can take the training wheels off and make nutrition the *easiest* part of your holistic health and healing journey.

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